Saturday, March 15, 2008

Skyhawk AT Software Update Performed

I received my watch back from Citizen of America about 10 days after I sent it.
Watch looks as good as new and the only mark indicating that the service is performed is a dot on the case back (engraved) before the serial number.

Kudos to Citizen of America for taking a proactive stance in fixing this problem.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Skyhawk AT Software Update

It looks like there is a service action for the Skyhawk AT both in US and Japan. The problem is that the perpetual calendar will not update correctly after the year 2010.

Citizen is performing a software update to fix the problem. I sent my watch in after contacting them and verifying that it is indeed affect by this recall.

You can find more details at:


If your watch serial number starts with 8xxxx or it has an RFN stamped next to the 7xxxx serial number then your watch is not affected.

In Japan, you can email citizen using this link.

In the US, I email them using CustomerService_US !at! citizenwatch !dot! com